Screw calculator

Screw calculator

The calculator enables the verification of single and multiple screw connections based on DIN EN 1993-1-8 (Eurocode 3). All necessary data such as screw size, strength class, screw arrangement, arrangement of the holes, etc. In addition, the partial safety factors are set according to the recommendations of the Eurocode with γ M2 = 1.25 and γ M0 = 1.00. The calculated forces are used to verify the individual screw with regard to shearing, tensile failure, Embedment, punching, combination of shear / embedment / tensile failure and block failure based on Eurocode 3.

Format:   Std Sci +.0 -.0
Name Formula symbol Value Unit
Screw size d [mm]
Strength class - [-]
Type of screw head -
Screw arrangement -
Note Single-tier connections for supported connections only
Arrangement of the holes according to table 3.6
Preload permitted according to table 3.2 - - [-]
Hole diameter d0 - [mm]
Corner dimension e - [mm]
Key-width s - [mm]
Component thickness (if several then the smallest) t(tp) [mm]
Mean value from width across corners and width across flats dm - [mm]
Stress cross-section As - [mm2]
Tensile strength base material fu [MPa]
Tensile strength screw fub - [MPa]
Yield strength screw fyb - [MPa]
Screw forces
Axial force including a safety factor of 1.5 Ft,Ed [N]
Shear force including safety factor 1.5 Fv,Ed [N]
Safety factors
Partial safety factor for the resistance of cross-sections ϒM0 1 [-]
Resilience of screws ϒM2 1.25 [-]
Sliding strength in the ultimate limit state (Category C) ϒM3,ser 1.1 [-]
Sliding strength in the serviceability limit state (Category B) ϒM3 1.25 [-]
Category A shear / embedment connection
Edge distance in the direction of force e1 [mm]
Edge distance transverse to the direction of force e2 [mm]
Distance between holes in the direction of force p1 [mm]
Distance between holes transverse to the direction of force p2 [mm]
Shear force coefficient av - [-]
Coefficient ks - [-]
Embodiment coefficient 1 ab - [-]
Embodiment coefficient 2 k1 - [-]
Permissible shear force Fv,Rd - [N]
Permissible embedment force Fb,Rd - [N]
Degree of utilization of the embedment - - [%]
Shear force utilization rate - - [%]
Category D and E tensile connection
Reduction coefficient for tension k2 - [-]
Permissible tensile force Ft,Rd - [N]
Permissible punching shear force Bp,Rd - [N]
Degree of utilization of axial force - - [%]
Punching utilization rate - - [%]
Combination of shear / embedment and tension
Combined degree of utilization - - [%]
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