Flächenträgheitsmoment Rechteck

Flächenträgheitsmoment Rechteck
Format:   Std Sci +.0 -.0
Description Formula Value Unit
A = HB
0.00 mm2
Area moment of inertia Y-axis
IY =
H3B / 12
0.00 mm4
Area moment of inertia Z-axis
IZ =
HB3 / 12
0.00 mm4
Section modulus Y-axis
WY =
BH2 / 6
0.00 mm3
Section modulus Z-axis
WZ =
B2H / 6
0.00 mm3
Polar area moment of inertia
Ip = Iy + Iz
0.00 mm4
Torsional moment of inertia
It = c1HB3
0.00 mm4
Torsional moment of resistance
Wt =
c1 / c2
0.00 mm3

Note: The calculation for It and Wt takes place as Approximation

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