Unit converter

Unit calculator for the three most common systems of units in engineering.
These are: m-kg-s, mm-kg-ms and mm-t-s. It allows you to convert such quantities as: length, mass, speed, area, volume, Frequency, etc. and even energy and stiffness
Format:   Std Sci +.0 -.0
Input Unit Factor Output Unit
Length m - - mm
Mass kg - - kg
Time s - - ms
Work, Energy J - - J
Acceleration m×s-2 - - mm×ms-2
Area m2 - - mm2
Frequency Hz - - ms-1
Velocity ms-1 - - mm×ms-1
Volume m3 - - mm3
Angular acceleration s-2 - - ms-2
Angular velocity s-1 - - ms-1
Density kg×m-3 - - kg×mm3
Pressure, tension N×m-2 - - kN×mm-2
Force N - - kN
Momentum Nm - - kN×mm
Stiffness Nm-1 - - kN×mm-1
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