Durchbiegung Belastungsfall 8

Durchbiegung Belastungsfall 8
Input Values
L [mm]
z [mm]
I [mm4]
E [N/mm2]
q [N/mm]
Format:   Std Sci +.0 -.0
Output Values
Vertical support force [A] FA - [N]
Vertical support force [B] FB - [N]
Bending moment [A] MA - [Nmm]
Max. Bending moment [A] Mb max - [Nmm]
Coordinate zb max zb max - [mm]
Bending angle [B] 𝜑B - [°]
Maximum deflection [C] ym - [mm]
Coordinate zm zm - [mm]
Deflection [z] y(z) - [mm]
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