Virtuelle Produktentwicklung

Berechnung und Simulation

KONSCHA Simulation GmbH

There are good and varied reasons for using calculation and simulation:

  • You need verifiable proof of strength as part of the documentation.
  • You would like development-accompanying calculations on virtual prototypes to ensure the functionality of your components or to control weight, quality and costs.
  • You would like to evaluate risks in advance using simulation in order to achieve shorter development times and thus faster market entry.
  • You want to make the physics (deformations, stresses, flows, temperatures, type of failure) visible statically or in the time domain in order to better understand the behavior of your components.
  • You want to test variants or carry out parameter studies, but real tests take too long or are too expensive. Or you need a comparison between real tests and the simulation. We do both for you!
  • You want to find out as quickly as possible whether a component will hold up or not - without extensive documentation or extensive calculations.

There are basically no limits to the use of simulation.

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